my name is Maxwell Samuel, you can call me Sam or Max :)
I'm 19 and I use he or they pronouns. I am an autistic ENFP 4w5 & a biology student. Gabriel "Fagoutboy2" is totally not my boyfriend.

I love music! I listen to Bright Eyes, Sunny Day Real Estate, Fall Out Boy, and many more :) Click here to see my spotify profile.

I mainly post about my interests. These include:
- Dark rides & roller coasters
- Marine invertebrates & other animals
- Disney parks/films (especially Frozen)
- Toontown, Wizard101, Neopets, & other online games
- Supernatural, Breaking Bad, & Doom Patrol
- LEGO movies, games & sets
- Animatronics

Thanks for checking out my website! If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask. Bye!